Zuhair Bheda is a tireless innovator; and one who has adapted an unconventional approach to his everyday lifestyle. Rather than molding a future from what seemed to have already been written, his passion lies in an area that requires to embrace the art of the path less traveled.

Zuhair was effectively born into the space of hostelry. Unsatisfied with what the lifestyle hospitality segment has grown to become, he founded Boldface to bring an entirely new hotel concept to life. His vision to capitalize on the worldwide growth in affluence and the increasing purchasing power and influence of Millennials has yet to be publicly announced, but one that is expected to be the next evolution of the luxury-lifestyle hospitality space.

Zuhair devotes part of his leisure to reading and studying the craftsmanship of whom he believes are the world’s most significant influencers. He enjoys traveling, hiking, attending professional sporting events and playing basketball. Zuhair is also a member of The National Society of Leadership and Success.

To learn more about Zuhair’s background, please visit his LinkedIn profile.